Nasheeds That Topped The Charts – All Time Best Nasheeds

In the holy month of Ramadan, I believe in remembering Allah more and more. Moreover, this sacred month calls for good deeds and pure acts of kindness to please Allah. Listening to best Nasheeds is one of the best ways to feel Allah dear to your heart.  Here are 10 all time best Nasheeds to add to your playlist in the sacred month of Ramadan.


“Yateem”, Bukhatir’s fresh album, unfortunately sheds the light on recent happenings around the world and the thunderous impact of current disputes, fights and wars against young children, especially in the Muslim countries.


This is one of the best Nasheeds from 2003 originally composed by Sami Yusuf on his debut album, an England musician, composer, record producer, singer and songwriter. This song can be a complete mind changer for people who hear it with a true heart. It consists of a boy singing this beautifully composed song and thanking Allah for everything. He also thanks and pleases God for all his precious things in the world. All the necessities provided to us are by Allah. This version of the Nasheed is mesmerising and heart touching.


This peaceful Nasheed is the favorite of many. It is composed by Maher Zain and produced by Awakening Records in a very reflecting, attracting and worth hearing manner in 2009 in his debut album “Thank You, Allah”. He is a Swedish R&B singer, songwriter and music producer of Lebanese origin. This song is another form of appreciation in the hard journey of Islam and an ideal for the Muslims. The most influencing fact about Maher Zain is his passion for singing that earns him a large number of fans.


Sami Yousuf is no doubt one of the most influencing composers and singers of all time.  His music albums are always a great way to deliver a message to the listeners. This Nasheed was composed in 2012. It completely portrayed the worries of the singer about those who are getting at a distance from Allah. He was totally lost about the concept of Allah being faded away from people’s mind in the greed and craze of the world. This is though a real fact because people nowadays are getting busy in the glitters of the world and losing their faith in Allah.


Not every Nasheed needs to be slow, soft and mesmerising. The rocking, fast and upbeat sort of Nasheed sometimes can be worth hearing and understanding. This nasheed Madinah Madinah was composed by the British group Aashiq Al-Rasool, and they are very famous from the year 1998. They are among those famous groups, which totally take the hearts of others who hear this nasheed. This beautifully sung nasheed totally holds the details about the migration of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) from Mecca to Madinah.


Another heart touching Nasheed comes from Maher Zain. It was composed in 2013 and took the hearts of its hearers soon after it published. Maher Zain decided to leave his music career and later than reassembled his faith in Islam by engaging in a career dedicated to the Allah. Therefore he adopted his profession as a singer/songwriter of contemporary R&B music that strongly influenced the religion, Islam. Also, this Nasheed of him completely reflects his happiness of being a Muslim and all praises to Allah for the natural beauty of this universe and the matchless worth praising creation of Allah in the entire world.


This uniquely sung Nasheed is composed by the Danish trio named as “Outlandish”. Two of its singers are of the Islamic origin named as Isam Bachiri and Waqas Ali Qadri along with a Catholic partner Lenny Martinez. Also, these three shared completely different nations. Waqas Ali Qadri belonged to Pakistan, Isaam Bachiri belonged to Morocco, and Lenny Martinez was a Cuban belonging to the Honduran heritage. A unique factor found in their Nasheed was the trio of their languages. They compiled a nasheed in three different languages into one. Also, their Nasheed was sung in numerous languages especially English and Spanish. Also, their Nasheed and all their albums were a complete type of hip hop and very different from the simple nasheed collections. They had a huge number of fans and followers due to this reason. This is because most of the youth believes in listening hip-hop beats and rapping genres rather than those traditionally sung ones.


This is one of the best Nasheeds of all time. It was initially sung by Cat Stevens and originally released in 1972 on the album “Catch Bull at Four”. It is basically about welcoming the sunlight in silently and giving a message in a very positive manner. It mesmerises the interest of a person and gives a complete pathway to the positive approach of preaching Islam. This song left a great influence on almost of its listeners. Similarly, Dawud W. Ali also was highly influenced by this nasheed and later then re-proposed this wonderfully sung nasheed. Both f its versions are so heart touching that one can lock the replay button and forget for hours.


The Nasheed collection of Maher Zain is so influencing that it keep on occurring in this list again and again. This beautifully sung Nasheed is released in 2016 from the album “One”. Also, this adorable Nasheed is available in both the versions Arabic and English as well. Once a nasheed is available in different languages the probability of it being people’s favourite increases. Also, a nasheed sung in English is far easier to understand for Non-Arabs and can be heard anywhere all over the globe. It speaks of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (P.B.U.H) and his Ummah describing all the adorable worth praising factors of Islam. It reflects the image of the most inspiring person in the history of Islam. This nasheed is a real best option to listen in the sacred month of Ramadan.


This is another nasheed sung with a dedicated and pure heart solely discussing the concepts of life after death. One of the major facts about a nasheed composed is that it never gets trapped in the boundary between music and lyrics. This is because no matter what the genre is, any dedication shown and praised to the Lord is worth hearing and appreciating. This beautiful Nasheed was a very different manner and was originally sung by Kareem Salama. He is an Egyptian-American musician and the very first American Muslim country singer in history. A unique style of his music is the mixture of rock music along with country music and pop. In his beautiful composition, the basic idea of life hereafter is discussed. The singer wishes to have a life in paradise and praises the beauty of paradise as compared to the ending world of today which is just limited to the Day of Judgment.


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